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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon – Still (((DEADLY!)))

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon – The “ULTIMATE” Bird Of Prey!

F-16 Viper The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon first flew on January 20, 1974 and entered service with the United States Air Force (USAF) on August 17, 1978. She is still in service today with well over 4,500 aircraft built since it went into production in 1976. The United States Air Force along with 25 other nations fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon and she is also flown by the World famous USAF Thunderbirds.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single seat multi-role fighter plane that will give any frontline fighter a run for it’s money. Especially, in the hands of an experienced fighter pilot. The F-16 is equipped with a internal M61 Vulcan cannon plus 11 locations for mission equipment and mounting weapons. The F-16 is famous for her frameless bubble canopy and a pilot’s seat that is reclined 30 degrees in order to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot.

Great Planes ✈️ Discovery Channel Wings ✈️ General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

In addition to better visibility and less effect of g-forces on the pilots body. The control stick is mounted on the side of the cockpit for ease of control while maneuvering the airplane. She is also the first aircraft to fly using a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire flight control system which is why the F-16 is so maneuverable.

The F-16’s OFFICIAL name is the “Fighting Falcon”, but over the years her pilots and crews often refer to her as the “Viper” because of her uncanny resemblance to the Colonial Viper star-fighter on Battlestar Galactica which was a popular sci-fi television show back in the 1970’s and revised again in 2003. You can clearly see the resemblance below!

Original Colonial Viper

F-16 Top Speed

The F-16 Top Speed at sea level is Mach 1.2 (915 mph, 1,470 km/h) and at altitude is Mach 2 (1,320 mph; 2,120 km/h) with a clean configuration which means she’s flying without missiles or drop tanks. She has a service ceiling of 50,000+ ft (15,240+ m) and a rate of climb of 50,000 ft/min (254 m/s). That’s a little over 4 minutes to reach 50,000 ft so she’s flying like a rocket!

F-16 Top Speed - Breaking The Sound Barrier

Her superior lightweight design and easy low-cost maintenance is why she is still in service today. The F-16 flies for the United States Air Force and 25 other countries throughout the world. She is a GREAT frontline fighter for any Air Force and is one of the most versatile and maneuverable aircraft ever designed for combat operations.

The F-16 is deadly in the right hands and is feared by her enemies. She has evolved into the ultimate bird-of-prey and just like fine wine, only gets better with age. There’s no reason why the F-16 won’t be around in another 50 years. It was a design way ahead of it’s time and because of leaps in technology. She still holds her edge against even some of the newer fighters in service today.

F-16C Engine

Her outstanding maneuverability and unprecedented raw power would not be possible without her engine. The initial power plant selected for the F-16 was the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-200 after-burning turbofan. This was a modified version of the F-15 Eagle’s F100-PW-100, which was rated at 23,830 lbf (106.0 kN) thrust.

Over the years, new and more powerful engines were developed which made the F-16 even more powerful and deadlier than ever before! The General Electric F110-GE-132 turbofan has a maximum thrust of 32,500 lbf (144.6 kN) which is the highest thrust engine ever developed for the F-16 fighter.

F-16 Cockpit

The one thing pilots love most about the F-16 Cockpit is the superior field of view. You can see everything right from the cockpit because of the frameless bubble canopy and the position of the pilots seat. You get an unprecedented 360° all-round visibility with a 40° look-down angle over each side of the aircraft and a 15° look-down angle over the nose (compared to the 12–13° you get with other fighter aircraft).

F-16 Cockpit

The F-16 cockpit was designed for the fighter pilot to see and control the aircraft like never before. This is a cockpits cockpit and everything the engineers could think of was designed into this cockpit. Inside the cockpit is the ACES II zero/zero ejection seat which is reclined at an unusual tilt-back angle of 30°.

This allows a more comfortable flight for taller pilots and it makes it a whole lot easier to tolerate those G forces too! Other fighter planes have a tilted pilots seat of only 13–15° so the pilot sits in a more upright position. Sitting in an F-16 cockpit is almost like sitting in a Lazy Boy recliner in your home.

F-16 Exploded View

Another big change in the cockpit was the positioning of the control stick. Instead of the control stick being between the pilots legs they moved it to the right side of the cockpit. This makes controlling the F-16 a whole lot easier. Especially, in a high G turn and with its state-of-the-art fly-by-wire system, which makes the F-16 even easier to control.

USAF Thunderbirds

F-16 Falcon USAF Thunderbirds 1

The USAF Thunderbirds are an air demonstration squadron based at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and assigned to the 57th Wing. The Thunderbirds have been showing off their skills for 65 years and counting. They were created in 1953 and are the third oldest flying aerobatic team in the world, after the United States Navy Blue Angels formed in 1946 and the French Air Force Patrouille de France formed in 1931.

If you’ve never seen the Thunderbirds in action, I strongly recommend you find a way to one of their airshows because this is an experience like no other. You have to see the Thunderbirds in person to understand exactly what I’m talking about so make sure you add the Thunderbirds to your bucket list if you haven’t already.

F-16 USAF Thunderbirds

Since 1953, when the Thunderbirds were created. They have flown many different aircraft in their shows with my favorite being the F-4 Phantom and F-16. Not any old fighter jet makes the cut so you can be sure that the Thunderbirds are flying the BEST America has to offer so here are the aircraft that have made the cut over the years.

The first Thunderbirds to take to the skies was the F-84 Thunderjet/Thunderstreak. the second aircraft was the F-100 Super Sabre, the third Thunderbird was the F-4 Phantom II. the fourth Thunderbird was the T-38 Talon and the final and current aircraft is the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is the longest flying Thunderbird at 30 years and still counting.

Fly Amongst The Solo Thunder 🌟 USAF Thunderbirds 🌟 A Kick-Ass RIDE!

All right pilots! I have a real treat for you today so buckle your seat belts and get ready for a KICK-ASS RIDE! I do have to warn you that this is NOT a flight for the faint of heart! So, if you’re ready for the flight of your life, than watch the video above NOW. This is a MUST WATCH video for flight enthusiasts. You guys are going to love it!

You are moments away from getting a first person view of what it’s like to fly with the World Famous Fabulous Thunderbirds. You’ll get to sit in the cockpit of the F-16 and perform maneuvers that will turn your stomach inside out and make your teeth and bones rattle too. Go ahead and watch the video and enjoy the flight. I hope you don’t get airsick!

USAF Thunderbirds 3

I hope you enjoyed that magnificent flight as much as I did. Could you imagine doing that for a living? I’d fly for FREE if I ever got the chance but with that said. I really do hope you had a blast during your incredible flight aboard the Thunderbirds F-16 Fighting Falcon. I know you just watched the video and are all pumped up. Who wouldn’t be?

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