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Virtual Pilot 3D Small Product BoxVirtual Pilot 3D gives YOU the option of choosing between the VirtualPilot3D™ Standard Package or the Premium Package. The Full Worldwide Premium Scenery Set includes cities, landscapes and scenery from just about every corner of the planet!

Fly over cities that you’ve always dreamed of seeing. You can fly over rivers, deserts, mountains, valleys, airports and even over your own house plus much, much more.

What Is The Difference Between The Base &
The Premium Full Scenery Packages?

day_globe_75fr_125msOur Standard Download Package includes scenery for a small section around the San Francisco Bay area. However, our Premium Package includes 4K High Resolution scenery for the ENTIRE World – that’s right you can fly anywhere you want – over the Appalachian Mountains, across the Pacific Ocean, over the London Bridge, anywhere!

Virtual Pilot 3D also includes High-Definition objects, buildings, landscapes, cities, roads and realistic urban areas including night lights and ground lighting such as street lamps and signage. The view from your aircraft is breath-taking. This is the closest thing to real-life flying you’re
going to get!

So Why Should I Choose The Premium Set?

VP3D Screenshots 2020The decision is easy, for real flight enthusiasts… The Premium Worldwide Scenery Set provides you with 100% Flying-Freedom! Now’s your chance to experience real-life flying and see exotic locations that you never would have had the opportunity to visit before…

  • 4K High Resolution Scenery for the WHOLE world – that’s right you have the freedom to fly anywhere your heart desires.
  • 4K HD Resolution textures of roads, cities, objects, buildings, build-up areas and landscapes worldwide!
  • Scenery includes forests, rivers, lakes and ultra-realistic urban areas including ground lighting and traffic lighting too!
  • Explore Asia, Australia, India & New Zealand…. Fly over the Himalayas, the Great Wall of China or take-off from Wigram Airbase in Christchurch, New Zealand….
  • Explore Africa, Europe & The UK… Fly over Big Ben in London, view Paris at night or you can fly over the Dead Sea to Jordan and over to Israel…
  • Explore Canada, South America & The USA… Fly over the Caribbean, Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon….
  • The whole world is in the palm of your hands with our Premium Worldwide Scenery Set!

The Premium High Resolution Worldwide Set normally retails for $289.95. However, we are offering a “HUGE” discount price of just $127 ONLY if you order today. Yes, you read that right. Save almost $165 only if you order NOW! (This is a limited time special offer only and the price will go up to the regular $289.95 after the next update expected sometime in the very near future)

VirtualPilot3D Premium Worldwide Scenery
Available For A HUGE Discount Today…

(Please note that this is a *limited* time offer only and Virtual Pilot 3D
reserves the right to end this AMAZING discount at anytime.)

Virtual Pilot 3D Large Product BoxClick To Choose Your Package:

(NOTE: No DVDs are shipped. All packages are digitally downloaded inside the members area. You can opt for the 4-DVD Edition via the members area for a very small fee.)

Base Package
    Virtual Pilot Base Package Button
  • 200+ Aircraft Including Helicopters
  • 25,000 Real-World Airports
  • FREE Upgrades For Life!
  • Total Value: $137.00

Upgraded Package
Includes everything in BASE, plus:
    Virtual Pilot 3D Upgraded Package Button
  • 200+ Aircraft Including Helicopters
  • 30 Additional Combat Aircraft Models
  • Aircraft Manuals & Guide
  • Over 4 Hours Of Flight Training Video
  • Priority Support (2 Day Response)

October 19, 2020 Update: Special Discounted Price Available:
VIP Premium Package
Everything in UPGRADED, plus:
    Virtual Pilot 3D VIP Premium Package Button
  • Complete Worldwide Scenery
  • HD Resolution Of Cities & Buildings
  • Dynamic World Atlas Real-Time Map
  • FREE Custom-Built Aircraft Design
  • Priority 1-On-1 Same Day Support
  • Total Package Value: $289.95

(Best value package deal with full features, most people choose this option…)

P.S. Virtual Pilot 3D’s VIP Premium Package will increase to $289.95 shortly. To be honest, almost everyone chooses the Premium Package and it sells just as well at the regular price. We can not afford to leave it at this low price much longer… it would be a horrible business decision on our part. So get Virtual Pilot 3D cheap while you can!
P.P.S: The Premium Package gives you the most REALISTIC flight experience on a PC that money can buy. This is the closest you can actually get to flying a real-life airplane! Order the VIP Premium Package NOW… I’ll see you in the air pilot! »
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